Alessia Buscarini, MD Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in Milan

Alessia  Buscarini, MD is a female plastic surgeon with years of international experience in the field of medicine, cosmetic surgery and laser treatments, and is an expert on skincare.

She is one of the top-flight women members of SICPRE (the Italian Society of Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery), access to which is permitted only after a thorough selection process.

She has worked with some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, which has allowed her to perfect her own techniques, as well as to develop the characteristic that most clearly distinguishes her from other plastic surgeons: attention to even the very smallest detail.

She, also as a woman, believes that beauty lies in proportion and harmony, and that the shape and form of the face and body should be respected, taken care of and enhanced, but should never be radically altered.

The Doctor’s surgery is right in the heart of Milan, close by the city’s famous Cathedral, and can easily be reached by car or underground.

She carries out the treatments personally, and will prepare a personalised programme for you, carefully tailored to your needs and desires, to create your own personal beauty passport.

She uses only safe products from the top brands, approved and certified at national level by AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, and at international level by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The resorbable fillers, which last about 6-8 weeks, do not radically alter or change the appearance of the face; they simply make it look naturally younger, smoother and more relaxed.

The doctor injects fillers to remove wrinkles of varying depth from the face, to define the contours of the face and to give patients a more youthful, open, bright expression. She also carries out botox treatments, taking precise measurements and calculating exactly the right doses and time intervals between sessions, in order to maintain the natural expression of the face, so that after the Botox treatment it will simply appear smoother and more relaxed.

Fillers can also be used to boost the volume of the cheekbones or lips, or simply to enhance the definition of the contours with a new technique known as “Da Vinci Lips”, once again maintaining the natural appearance of the face, without needlessly overdoing it.

The doctor is also an expert in skincare, and is able to firm and improve the texture of the skin, using new third and latest-generation laser methods to renew the skin and remove blemishes, wrinkles and scars, and to improve the tone of the face and body.

The doctor can also help to keep your skin brighter and more moisturised, using biorevitalizing treatments with vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

She is one of only a few doctors also able to take care of your body with cosmetic medicine treatments studied for each individual to tackle localised adiposity, cellulite and water retention and laser treatments to tone the body.

She is also very attentive to the needs of new mothers seeking to get back in shape after birth, get rid of stretch marks and fat deposits that persist after pregnancy, as well as Caesarean scars and capillaries on the legs.

Choose Doctor Alessia Buscarini and book an appointment in her office in the centre of Milan for an exclusive, modern, exceptionally high-quality treatment.

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